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Beta Workwear family is dedicated to work clothes that provide protection and safety in all working conditions.

Beta’s products are appreciated by the most demanding professionals, thanks to features like the many wide pockets, the reinforced seams, the tearproof crotch, the sturdy zip closures and the reflective inserts.

The range includes coordinated clothing lines, with work trousers, Bermuda shorts, overalls, jackets and sleeveless jackets. The lines can be distinguished by their timeless and constantly updated design and by their classic or technical materials, including 100% cotton, T/C canvas, T/C Twill and stretch line.

The Rain line includes waterproof jackets and trousers, perfect for outdoor workers who have to cope with adverse weather conditions.

Beta’s items of clothing comply with the standard EN ISO 13688:2013 and are marked by the CE logo.

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