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Beta’s family of screwdrivers, offset key wrenches and bits has been designed to satisfy end users’ need for high performance and unique comfort.

Based on the selection of a special type of steel, accurate working and tailored heat treatment, the blades of these tools boast top-end torsional characteristics. In addition, the superior technopolymers, the sophisticated moulding technology and the functionally designed handle result in outstanding effort transmission – for example, under extreme operating conditions.

Beta has developed 3 main ranges of screwdrivers: BetaEvox, BetaGrip, BetaMax. Other ranges include screwdrivers with steel heads, screwdrivers with interchangeable blades, screwholding screwdrivers and offset screwdrivers; offset key wrenches, offset hexagon key wrenches, T-handle wrenches, nut spinners with handles; bits and bit holders.

Main features of Beta’s screwdrivers

Precision and durability: the tip is made from extremely hard, wear-resistant steel. The chrome-plating free tip, which is duly protected from oxidation with phosphate-coating treatment, has been designed to prevent dimensional changes.

Comfort and safety of use: the handle is fitted with a soft coating and a hard core, which is directly injected onto the blade, for improved fixing safety.

Remarkable torsional strength: steel with a high yield point results in significantly improved torsional strength. Heat treatment ensures gradual yielding in case of misuse, thereby preventing sudden breakage.

Grip: the handle has an antislip polyurethane coating, for enhanced hand grip – for example, in the presence of grease and/or oil. Polyurethane is extremely resistant to both wear and abrasion, and is particularly insensitive to solvents.


The brand-new BetaEvox screwdrivers have an octagonal section for enhanced rapidity; the hole allows the screwdriver to hang for easy storage.