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We can help you address the challenges that you face in your business to make continuous improvements that increase efficiency, eliminate waste, reduce downtime and costs that make a positive impact on profitability.
Whether you are looking to create a culture of ownership and care, or simply implement business improvement programs such as 5S, 6 Sigma, Kaizen or LEAN, we do this by:


Propose and develop a solution that meets your budget and specific requirements.


Work with you so you have full control of the design of your solution


Provide a one stop shop and manage your project from inception to completion.


With in house services, we have control of your project

Beta Tools manufacturers and provides workshop solutions together with being a leading manufacturer with 80 years’ experience in the design of premium professional tools. A number of services are carried out inhouse so we have full control.

Addressing your challenges

Auditing & Traceability

Create order and reduces risks as well as providing an established method of quick identification of missing tools and equipment.

  • Standard or custom designed foam trays to store dedicated engineers tools
  • Shadowboards provide a dedicated area for shared  tools and equipment
  • Different coloured foam combinations based on customer requirements aligning to brand or to improve visualization that can be made from food approved material.

Tool Control

Provides accountability, improves health and safety and prevents theft resulting in long term financial savings. Reduces the risk of cross contamination of tools between high and low care areas.

  • Access control ensures that tool boxes can only be accessed by authorized individuals and provides an audit trail.
  • Laser etching provides a simple and effective method of traceability, supporting that tools are returned to the assigned tool box

Reducing Downtime

Design specific engineer’s tool kits based on area or equipment to ensure engineers have the right tools to quickly repair equipment reducing the downtime of equipment.
  • Engineers tool boxes made from stainless steel
  • Stainless steels tools depending on requirements
  • Foam trays reduces the risk of tools been damaged via transportation and rummaging