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Pliers and nippers

An extended family of tools constantly renewed but always produced according to Beta standards, with the best alloy steels, chrome-plated finishing and the best ergonomic handles.

The steels are chosen to provide a high strength level and uniform hardness. The pliers’ and nippers’ cutting edges are submitted to a localised induction hardening treatment, to increase hardness.

The bright chrome-plated finishing and the pliers’ body and sides’ finishing allow to obtain smoothly ground head corners and make these tools particularly handy in rotating operations.

The ergonomic bi-material handles guarantee the perfect compromise between smoothness and resistance, placing the point of force application in the centre of the palm of the hand.

The 1150HPC pliers with Hypercut technology are an example of technical excellence: the steel cutting edges with high hardness (65HRC) and remarkable cutting capacity is inserted into the molybdenum alloy steel, which provides flexibilityand a high strength level.

The decentralized pin increases the leverage effect. The perfect nose alignment and the sloping profile allow precision in restricted areas.