Create an environment to communicate your company’s core values and promote your technical capabilities to boost service revenues and increase customer retention.

If you are looking to create a concept of a modern garage together with the perfect balance of a functional environment and brand enhancement, we do this by:


Propose and develop a solution that meets your budget and specific requirements.


Work with you so you have full control of the design of your solution


Provide a one stop shop and manage your project from inception to completion.


With in house services, we have control of your project

Beta Tools manufacturers and provides workshop solutions together with being a leading manufacturer with 80 years’ experience in the design of premium professional tools. A number of services are carried out inhouse so we have full control.

Addressing your challenges

Coordinated image

A modern workshop is a skilful blend of technical and communication needs that simultaneously convey the values of your brand.

  • Bespoke colour schemes based on your specific requirements
  • Finishes such as embossed, hammered, brushed and others
  • Surface materials wood, glass, stainless steel or Betacryl®

Operational efficiency

Furnishings that aid mechanical operations generate efficiency.  Create and adjust workspaces to meet your changing requirements.

  • Self-supporting frames allows workspaces to be configured and adapted 
  • Power sockets, LAN networks, switches and various services are housed in the frames
  • Integrated services such as oil, power, compressed air and water give a consistent look


Auditing & Traceability

Create order and reduces risks as well as providing an established method of quick identification of missing tools and equipment.

  • Standard or custom designed foam trays to store dedicated tools
  • Tool panels provide a dedicated area for shared  tools and equipment
  • Different coloured foam combinations based on customer requirements aligning to brand or to improve visualization.