Beta Green

Beta and sustainability

Beta Utensili pays great attention to the surrounding environment and to the quality of life of its employees and of the inhabitants of the areas surrounding its factories. Beta is a metalworking company located in a built-up area and has always been concerned about creating optimal conditions for living together. Important measures have been taken to prevent air and wastewater pollution. Our emission values are significantly better than those allowed by the stringent regulations in force. We are in the midst of an expansion phase through acquisitions that necessarily take sustainability aspects into account. A recently acquired company relies on totally self-produced solar electric energy, and studies in this sense are underway to make the other factories in the group autonomous.

In 2020, ahead of the EU directive, we started a plastic removal and recycling process in our offices and departments, thus eliminating 53,000 plastic bottles and 100,000 plastic glasses in a year.

We created the logo Beta Green to identify the initiatives undertaken by Beta to protect the environment.

Social responsibility

As regards the parameters dictated by Italian Law 81/08 on the protection of workers’ health and safety, we have been working for some time now to obtain full awareness among employees of the measures to be taken to preserve their own safety, through courses and awareness-raising actions. We also intervene with regular environmental hygiene inspections and periodic checks on employees’ health. Especially now, in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency, we have taken appropriate measures to ensure the employees adequate safety standards. The corporate commitment to safety and sustainability of the work environment is strengthen by the code of ethics, a document voluntarily drawn up by the company to recognise the importance of ethical integrity.

Beta products

The hand tools and containers we manufacture are semi-durable goods, mainly made from steel; recycling is performed almost completely through processes for separating metal parts from the few plastic parts.

Beta Inox

For several years we have been bringing a fully recyclable range of products made from stainless steel – sharing the same mechanical characteristics as standard tools made from alloy steel – onto the market.

Beta Eco-friendly

The sensitivity to the environment issues drives us to produce Eco-friendly products. An example is the heated manual cleaning tank 1898/K40, to use with environmentally friendly liquid detergents and designed to avoid the disposal of fluids.