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Beta’s electrotechnics family includes wire stripping pliers, cable stripping tools, scissors, cable cutters, crimping pliers and terminals, pliers for collars and collars, digital multimeters, screwdrivers insulated 1000V, pliers insulated 1000V and other tools insulated 1000 V.

We redesigned our 1128FXS electrician’s scissors observing user’s daily work. We have made it into a universal tool, incorporating the 4 main features into one object: cutting, stripping, countersinking, crimping.

When developing the tools in this group we have concentrated our attention to improving working conditions and to reduce hand stress in cases of continuous and repetitive operations. These are intended for electrical wire and cable cutting and stripping operations and for crimping insulated terminals.

A critical variable of the last operation is the tightening power. When a part is overtightened a connection weakeness with risk of breakage occurs, whilst insufficient tightening reduces the efficiency of the electrical contact and the cable can even become disconnected from the terminal.

When pressure deforms the conducting material and breaks the oxide surface coating, you have ideal tightening and the best electrical conductivity without affecting the structure resistance. That is why Beta presents a wide range of simple models whose tightening power can be decided by the operator, and more advanced models whose tightening power might be pre-set according to the cable connection in process.

Insulated items

The increasing need of maintenance work without stopping the electricity supply (that is, on high voltage installations and circuits), led us to the development of an insulated items range for every need.

Each tool of this family is tested according to the stringent international standards.

Tools which are necessary to operate on live components up to 1000V alternating current (1550V on direct current). They are Manufactured according to EN 60900 specification and made on the basis of international specification IEC 900.

Discover our new electrician’s scissors 1128FXS