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Torque wrenches and multipliers

Torque wrenches
The Beta torque wrenches
, in their conception of different models and capabilities, enable the solution of the problems related to the need for controlled tightening from 0,3 Nm to 2000 Nm.
The range includes break-back, click-type, slipping, angle readout, direct reading, electronical and mechanical models.
The new mechanical torque wrench 665 Digibeta with digital readout has been designed by the Technical Department and produced in the production site of Sovico head quarter.

Torque multipliers
Beta torque multipliers are designed to be used on nuts and bolts when it is necessary to use movements torques higher than those allowed by the strength of the operator and by the limited space; they are designed to avoid using bulky and dangerous extension bars and to guarantee total safety
Each model has a different application and capability, with maximum torque 9500 Nm, ratio 5:1 – 6,5:1 – 12:1 – 25: 1 – 125:1 and a system of non-return ratchet mechanism in two directions to prevent it from discharging the accumulated tensions on the operator.

Beta torque wrenches and multipliers range also includes torque bars and accessories, torque screwdrivers, protractors and torque meters

Calibration service
Beta lab has Accredia (LAT) certificated equipment for the torque calibration with maximum torque 2000 Nm
(in accordance with the specifications of UNI EN ISO 6789:2017), so it’s possible to calibrate:
• Break-back, click-type and slipping torque wrenches
• Angle readout and direct reading torque wrenches
• Ungraduated torque wrenches
• Digital torque wrenches