Beta Utensili Catalogue on smartphone and tablets

Keep yourself always up to date with Beta Tools products and tools catalogue thanks to the free app, the best partner for your work!

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Key Functions

  • You can quickly look up online and browse all the catalogue from either Smartphone or a Tablet.
  • You can search all the new items concerning Beta products (e.g. workshop equipment, roller cabs and assortments, wrenches, screwdrivers, torque wrenches, pliers and cutting nippers, stainless steel tools, safety footwear, safety workwear)
  • You can browse offline and download the whole catalogue, the detailed product data sheet, certificates and declaration of conformity (should it be available).
  • You can create your wish list with the products you need, and send it via e-mail to your dealer
  • app available in 13 languages.