Outstanding grip and amazing handling

Beta 1048N slip joint pliers feature a new teeth geometry for exceptional grip on hexagonal and cylindrical profiles, and a wide handle for excellent handling. Available in 3 sizes: 175, 250 and 300 mm.

New Features

Wide and firm grip

  • The teeth geometry is designed to firmly grip nuts and pipes.

  • The jaws are adjustable, enabling the pliers to adapt quickly and effectively to different hexagonal workpiece sizes, up to 60 mm for the 300 mm model.

  • The induction hardening treatment of the teeth guarantees a perfect grip over time.

Ergonomic Design for minimum effort

  • The triangular cross-section handle adapts perfectly to the hand minimising strain and offering remarkable handling.

  • The handles coated with innovative slip-proof PVC ensure a secure grip.

  • The contrast retainer prevents accidental hand crushing.

  • The tapered head of the pliers allows easy work even in confined spaces.

Strength and sturdiness for long life

  • The 1048N slip joint pliers are forged in chrome vanadium steel, a top-quality material, to guarantee strength and a long service life

  • The induction hardening process of the teeth makes them even stronger and more durable.