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1895 27

Ultrasonic cleaning tank, 27 l

with special degas function
with special degas function

– Ultrasonic cleaning relies on fluid heating to effectively clean spare parts and metal pieces in general (carburettors, valves etc.)
– Digital display for temperature and cleaning time selection
– Two cleaning modes: “soft” and “normal”
– For normal cleaning, just use water at a temperature of 50/60 °C
– For more accurate cleaning, add non-foaming detergent solutions specific for ultrasonic tanks
– Using the degas mode speeds up air release throughout the tank, thereby improving ultrasonic cleaning efficiency

Tank capacity: 27 l
Drain tap
Power: 500 W
Heating power: 500 W
Temperature range: 0÷80 °C
Cleaning time range: 0-99 minutes
Frequency: 40 kHz
Power supply: 220/230V
Dimensions: 530x330x380 mm

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1895 27