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Oil-pressure crimping pliers in case

• For noninsulated copper terminals, 50÷ 240 mm², and noninsulated aluminium terminals, 35÷185 mm²
• Hexagonal dies with engraved sizes; the diameter is stamped on the terminal for enhanced safety
• Dies for smaller diameters (see below) are available on request

1609C crimping pliers
1609M/70 pair of dies 50-70 mm²
1609M/120 pair of dies 120 mm²
1609M/150 pair of dies 150 mm²
1609M/185 pair of dies 185 mm²
1609M/240 pair of dies 240 mm²

Available on request:
1609M/16 pair of dies 10-16 mm² (6-10 mm², aluminium)
1609M/35 pair of dies 25-35 mm² (16-25 mm², aluminium)
hexagonal crimps,
25 mm² ÷ 240 mm²
 500x300x110 mm – 4 kg

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