Our modular workshop is a perfect fit!

Jun 5, 2023

Whether you’re in motorsports or any other industry, our modular workshop will create the right environment for you.

Getting exactly the right fit for your workshop is easy now with our Modular System, which allows you to create a fully bespoke workshop space that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Stylishly made in Italy, our Modular System maximises space, organises your bench and optimises your work. As you would expect with Italian design, a neat, yet very aesthetically pleasing work environment can be created.

Based on the Japanese organisation method, the ‘5S’ concept, our Modular System follows five steps identified to allow a systematic and repeatable working method:

SORT – Identify and select only what you need
SET – Organise a bespoke layout, unique to you
SHINE – Maintain a clean and tidy, well managed work space
STANDARDISE – Standardise a solution for each job specification
SUSTAIN – Sustain a regulated and disciplined tool management system.

If it’s time to look at your workshop, get in touch.

Our specialist team will help you create the perfect workshop environment for your needs.