Brioche Pasquier

May 12, 2021

French Family Bakery Since 1936 draws on the expertise of an Italian Family run Hand Tool business founded in 1939

The story of Brioche Pasquier began in 1936 when Gabriel Pasquier opened a small village bakery in Les Cerqueux, France. In 1974, his sons began building the family business into Brioche Pasquier, which now employs over 3,000 people worldwide. Today, they still follow the same baking methods that Gabriel used to deliver a unique taste.

With over 4 million Brioche Pasquier products enjoyed every day, it is little wonder that they are the No.1 brand in the brioche market.

Founded at the end of the First World War, the iron and steel die workshop expanded and developed and, in 1939, registered “Beta” for the production of professional hand tools that became its core business from the Second World War onwards.

Brioche Pasquier required expert advice on how best to resolve their Tool Control requirements in their new production facility at Milton Keynes

On recommendation of The Hayley Group in Milton Keynes, it was suggested that Brioche Pasquier use the expertise of Beta Tools, as they had extensive experience in dealing with similar projects within other food processing facilities across the UK.

The objective was simple; to organize all of the tooling requirements for a new and expanding manufacturing section, and by working closely with Teressa Jolley from Hayley Group and Mike Lappage from Beta Tools, they were able to identify the exact tools required; high quality tools storage and superb Module System drawer layout that would satisfy all of their needs.

Janis Cerpins, Production Line Technician from Brioche Pasquier said: –

“Nothing was too much trouble and we were impressed by the can-do attitude of both companies. I can highly recommend them both and will definitely be looking for more solutions from Beta Tools and The Hayley Group in the future”.

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